Reconditioning Services for All Types of Cutting Tools

New Life Cutting Tools provides reconditioning services for all kinds of tools, including mills and drills. Our services are available for the following types of products:


Carbide End Mills

We recondition carbide end mills in order to achieve better stiffness of the end product.


Carbide Drills

These are the hardest and most brittle of the drill bit materials. They need to be machined carefully, which we’re able to accomplish without trouble.


HSS Drills

These tools are similar to carbide but are used to handle soft materials only. Our staff will advise you on whether repairing your HSS drills will be cost-effective for your business.


High Performance HSS Drills

Reconditioning of these tools ensures the least amount of wear and resistance along with smooth drilling operation.


High Speed Steel End Mills

These tools are well-suited for many types of applications. Reconditioning gives you the smoothest cutting operations with the best results possible.



Reconditioning is needed for these tools in order to achieve smooth tapping operations along with desirable tapping angles.


Flute Drill Mill

We recondition flute drill mills so they can execute smooth chamfering, milling, and spotting applications with a desirable stock angle.

Besides these, we specialize in reconditioning spade drills, plain milling cutters, corner rounding end mills, key cutters, reamers, bevel cutters, core drills, step drills, spade drills, shell end mills, router bits, counterbores, and countersinks.

Tool Reconditioning Services

New Life Cutting Tools provides sharpening, reconditioning, and refurbishing services for industrial clients. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reconditioning of cutting tools ensuring the highest possible quality and utility
  • Superior surface finish
  • Light manufacturing services
  • Packaging and labeling products in new tubes
  • Shipping containers

Discounts and Benefits

  • Free shipping to and from your facility on orders of $500 or more
  • Guaranteed lower price than what you’re currently paying (show us your old invoice of your current provider charges and we’ll go  $1.00 below that price)

Machines Used

We use two CNC 5-Axis tool and cutter grinders (made by Schneeberger and Walters) along with several other manual tool and cutter grinders to ensure high quality service.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Our customers require high quality industrial tools at a reasonable price with a reasonable delivery date. Our fifteen years of experience and dedicated staff allow us to respond to those quality expectations while still keeping costs under control.

For more information on these services or to learn more about New Life Cutting Tools, contact our Pineville, NC office.