Reconditioning for Major Brands

New Life Cutting Tools offers complete reconditioning services for many leading brands of tools, drill bits, and mills. Here’s just a selection of the brands our highly capable staff are trained to work on.

KennametalKennametal has been a renowned brand in the machine industry since its establishment in 1938. They produce and market powerful metalworking tools, mining tools, and construction tools, as well as engineered components and powdered materials and equipment.

Hertel: Hertel is known in the machining industry for their exclusive metalworking products, especially turning tools and cutting tools.

Mitsubishi: Mitsubishi Materials produces a wide range of machining tools including turning tools, rotating tools, and gear tools. They are especially known for their turning inserts, CBN and PCD inserts, solid end mills, and milling inserts.

SumitomoSumitomo Electric Hartmetall GmbH is part of the Japanese Sumitomo Electric Group. They specialize in the development of cutting materials like carbide, cermet, CBN (Sumiboron) and PKD (Sumidia).

GuhringGuhring is at the forefront of technical innovation in cutting tools. They’re known for their expertise in cutting tool manufacturing which is driven by their powerful R&D resources.

GarrGarr Tool is popular in the United States for their cheap yet powerful cutting tools. They are committed to manufacturing the highest quality carbide cutting tools, as well as investing in new technology to meet the future needs of their customers.

SandvikSandvik specializes in producing metalcutting tools and tooling systems, mining equipment and tools, construction equipment and tools, stainless steels, special alloys and titanium, and super-hard materials.

HanitaHanita is well-known in the machine industry for their high-speed end mills and cutting tools.

YG-1YG-1 is committed to providing high quality cutting tools at a reasonable price. They specialize in producing milling tools, drilling tools, tapping tools, rotary tooling kits, thread mills, and YG universal lines.

Don’t see the brand you own listed here? Contact us to find out if we can provide reconditioning services.