Giving New Life to Your Worn Cutting Tools.

New Life Cutting Tools offers high quality reconditioned round cutting tools.


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Meeting customer expectations is our primary goal.

Since its founding in 2010, New Life Cutting Tools of Rock Hill, SC has been a major player in the tool machining industry. We specialize in providing high quality sharpening, repair, and reconditioning of all types of industrial tools. We provide our customers with personalized service and super-fast delivery at competitive—or even lower—pricing. We offer light manufacturing services and a wide range of reconditioning and sharpening services to renew and give new life to industrial and commercial carbide drills and end mill tools. The primary goal of our company is to meet customer expectations by all means.

Why Recondition When You Can Buy a New Tool?

Cost effectiveness is one of the main factors when deciding whether to recondition a drill or tool or to buy a brand new one. Tests and studies have proven that a reconditioned carbide drill will last just as long, and in some cases longer, than a new drill. Simply put, reconditioning enables a trusted tool to stay in service for longer than expected. Why pay full price for a new tool when you can get the same use and functionality from a reconditioned tool at a fraction of the price?

Mission Statement

New Life Cutting Tools offers high quality reconditioned round cutting tools. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality, fast delivery times, and lower pricing than our competitors. With every job, New Life Cutting Tools sets out to exceed our customers’ expectations. We operate under the belief that being average is our enemy!

True to our company name and mission, Lance Lucas, owner of New Life Cutting Tools, and his staff are dedicated to helping manufacturing companies save money through reconditioning of industrial carbide drill bits. With this process, we’re literally giving new life to these worn cutting tools. By helping you spend your company dollars wisely through reconditioning instead of replacing expensive carbide drill bits, we help you stretch your company’s budget to allow for other needs.

Our employees are dedicated, well-trained, and capable of returning your reconditioned carbide drills or end mills to you in record time. Our superior quality, outstanding surface finish, and lowest price guarantee makes us one of the fastest growing reconditioning facilities in the industry. We promise to give your worn cutting tools a new life!

Lance Lucas

Lance Lucas


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We’re a sharpening service provider of round cutting tools. We sharpen Drills, End Mills, Counterbores, Countersinks, and more. All work is done on our CNC 5 Axis Tool & Cutter Grinders. Want to know more about our services?

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